Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Character design: beginning to (almost) end

Okay so obviously you always start out with some concept sketches working and reworking your character. This first sketch is where the character I was designing really began to come through.
The next phase was for me to nail down a face. I liked the direction the face was going, but there was still something wrong. As you can tell from the erased lines on the picture above I decided to cut her hair short and remove the pony tail. I also really got a feel for her expressions and the type of presence she was going to have.
Next I revisited her costume, I really liked the shorts, sneakers and leggings, but I really wasn't feeling the tank top or the bracelets. So I removed both of those items and instead put her in a baseball T (I will never understand why we call long sleeved shirts "Tees") Now I finally have my character.
After this step all that is left is my red line, blue line, and final line stages. (Aside from color of course)
And there she is. I should have a full color illustration up soon, but school is getting pretty busy so don't quote me on that.

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