Thursday, January 10, 2013

5 Things that need to happen for Kingdom Hearts 3 to be a good game

I'm going to put these in order of what I believe to be reverse importance.

5) It needs to get darker. I know that may sound bad, but I think that these characters need to be miserable just before the end of the story. I mean really put them through the ringer. I personally am a little sick of Sora's constantly happy go lucky attitude. Make them characters of conviction, force these characters into a situation with no hope yet they continue to move forward. This will make the victory all the more cathartic.

4) Cram as many disney worlds in as possible. That seems pretty self explanatory.

3) Go Back to the roots. What I mean by that is, they need to cut back on the fat. Make the story simple: One villain who wants what he wants and will do anything to get it. Heartless, Disney, and (maybe) Nobodies. Don't step out of the realm of the main story. That means no universed, no resurrecting villains, no resurrecting hero's, no convoluted Deus Ex Machina plot points. Straight forward just like the first one.

2) Riku needs to "die". This one may sound bad as well, but looking at it within the context of number one on this list I think it will make sense. I also know that this kind of gets into that Deus Ex Machina thing I was talking about in the previous item on the list, but it would make sense within the context of the world. So here's how it would go down Riku splits himself into two separate halves, one dark one light. The characters would eventually be in a desperate situation, at this point Riku's halves would be forced to merge to create the X-Blade. Sora would then have to wield it to defeat the final boss. And there you go.

1) Sora and Kairi's relationship needs to mature. Yes that means a romantic relationship, it's been hinted at throughout the series, but has never come to fruition. It would add a maturity to the series we have yet to see. There is a depth to there relationship not often seen in videogames and to finally see a romantic relationship done correctly in a videogame would be refreshing. This is one of the reasons I believe that Riku must "die. I think that it would create an awkward dynamic if Sora and Kairi's relationship did mature, and Riku would be left to play the third wheel.

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