Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love all forms of film, whether its animated, independent, foreign I love them all. But the truth is I'm sick and tired of Hollywood. When it first started it was all about creativity and innovation, everyone in Hollywood was asking themselves how far can I push my craft. Orson Wells, Cecil B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchcock these were men who were pushing the boundaries of film making. Now all we have are Stephen Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and Michel Bay. Now don't get me wrong they are very good at what they do, but they don't really push the craft. And I mean really push the craft. You don't see any of these film makers doing anything different. Many of them have become so obsessed with a particular part of film making that other aspects get completely tossed aside. Films no longer form a cohesive whole, why do you think we have different genres of film. Hollywood has begun chasing its own tail, this makes it impossible for new ideas, concepts, and talent to enter the field and really show what there capable of. Hollywood has become completely obsessed with covering its own investments. Unfortunately when someone new and creative does enter the field they "Hollywoodify" them. Best example I can think of is Christopher Nolan. Brilliant film maker, but for as unique and interesting as Inception was for Hollywood, his earlier films Following and Memento were far more brilliant. There are a few exceptions to the rules; Terry Gilliam, Cohen Brothers, Guillermo Del Toro, Nicolas Wending Refn, Darren Aronofsky. But you'll notice that these guys are more often the exception than the rule, and there all INDEPENDENT. Hollywood I know you'll never up your game, but please don't take my amazing film makers away from me.

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