Sunday, February 5, 2012

How?: Christians and Violent Films

So how do we as Christians reconcile the violence which we see in films. Oldboy, Drive, A Clockwork Orange all of these are incredibly violent films so as a Christian should I watch them. This is an interesting conundrum I have found myself in quite often. But then I think if there is truth to this film how can I afford not to watch it. I'm not talking about watching a porn film just because it makes a statement at the end, but a film that throughout is constantly making truthful statements about the world that we live in. We as Christians will often try and rationalize away and say that we shouldn't make or even watch films with violence in them, simply because we are afraid of the truth that is found in the world we live in, and how we see it in those violent films. We as Christians need to be careful that we don't become afraid of the truth. That is a dangerous prospect for a Christian, and I believe that we need to be careful and unafraid to look truth right in the face and if a film shows the truth we cannot be afraid of it.

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