Monday, January 16, 2012

Blog 2.0

This is a retry on my blog the last one wasn't really panning out. This one is going to have a similar focus as my previous one, I'm going to focus on media in general. Movies, Videogames, Comics, Art, Books, and virtually any other media one could think of. Their will be a few differences between this blog and my previous one. The first difference is that I will be trying to maintain a tighter more regular schedule of blogging. The second difference is that this blog will put a greater emphasis on my faith...I am a christian. My goal is to come at media from a more Christ like perspective. Finally because I am going to be posting on a tighter schedule the posts themselves will be farther apart than my previous blog. The goal of this blog is as I said before to come at media from a slightly more christian perspective. No this doesn't mean I'm going to condemn the media I'm speaking about. I'm simply a christian who likes movies, videogames, comics, etc. I simply want people to be able to follow this kind of media in a easygoing yet clean environment.

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