Thursday, January 19, 2012

My opinions on this whole SOPA thing

I will be very clear on this I do not like SOPA. Here's why it would completely cripple the internet, information sharing would be almost impossible. Sure you can post that picture of your favorite videogame or movie, but you'll be slapped with a fine or locked away in a dark place for four years. SOPA would make it nearly impossible for anyone to share any form of information unless they own it. All of this for the sake of making sure the greedy aren't being robbed. Although the most idiotic thing about this piece of legislation is that they actually think that some how blocking certain websites on the internet and fining those who decide to post a pic of Justin Bieber (or is it Beiber?) on their blog is actually going to stop piracy. This guys are geniuses who could probably hack around any block that the U.S. government could possibly set up. This brings up another point this would allow the American government to censor in other countries so long as the original content came from the U.S. if that isn't overreaching then I don't know what is. Many people might say, really brave of you to post this after it's been shot down. This isn't the end this is merely the beginning, they will come back, they will try even harder and they will be even more subversive about it. Sorry just wanted to get that out of my system.

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