Friday, January 27, 2012

Top 10 moments in recent film history

#7) After the beat down. The film Kick-Ass may at first seem like a comedy romp through all of the reasons why we shouldn't be super heroes. A gory action packed romp which has nothing to say to its audience. But that all changes rather quickly. Big Daddy and Kick-Ass are captured after being betrayed by Red Mist, chaos quickly ensues as Kick-Ass is beaten within an inch of his life, and Big Daddy is burned to death. Of course Hit Girl comes into save the day. But the scene afterwards is what is so important. Hit Girl and Kick-Ass go back to Big Daddy's apartment and its the moment when Kick-Ass is washing off his beaten and bruised when suddenly he realizes how high the sakes are. That this is for real and if he's going to do it he's got to go all the way. This is the point in the film where Kick-Ass has a decision to make. And you find that you are asking yourself the question "would I make the decision he did."

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